International mail art call 2018:THE POST

THE POST mail art project by mellifera

rock around the clock

post around the world

rock around the post

clock around the post

choose your choice or make yours

and send to:

Maria Chorianopoulou

Vriandos 33, 11364 Athens - Greece

Put your glad rags on and join me hon'

we'll mail some fun when the clock strikes one.

We're gonna post around the world tonight

we're gonna post, mail art 'till broad daylight

we 're gonna rock around the post tonight.

When the clock strikes two, three and four

when the post slows down we'll yell for more.

When the chimes ring five, six and seven,

we'll be mailing in seventh heaven.

When the clock strikes twelve and it's time to end

we will start to post mail art again.


name, address, country on or behind the artwork

Each artwork has to be sent by snail mail. Deadline20th June 2018.

No participation fee, no jury, no return, no racist.Technique free, size free.

All submissions will be published and announced in: and (fb) Mellifera action

Exhibitions in Aigion-Peloponnese and Athens-Greece

Let's party with our postmen!!!

Δευτέρα, 6 Αυγούστου 2018

"THE POST" Mail Art Project 2018 -- Exhibition in Aigion, Peloponnese - Greece

From 28th of July to 5th August 2018 mellifera organized International Mail Art Exhibition "THE POST" in Aigion, Peloponnese - Greece.

177 mail artists from 36 countries all over the world participated with more than 332 artworks.

Mail Art Curator, Maria Chorianopoulou

Τρίτη, 24 Ιουλίου 2018


The news about still another dead relative was slit open by criminals who had torn a chatlouo ti shreds and the news came from Arizona with its sharp trees and Gadsdena where the dogs with swollen faces look out over the desert.  It was covered up for by liars who came out of cages under colourful murals that were not done under the Works Progress Administration but they were like the colourful heads of Indians and they reminded one of the diners to which the mailman delivered bills decades ago but are now closed and papered over far from the sterile land where the good-humoured saguaro laughs, a beer in one of his hands.  The hounds of unknown breed are black and brown and their hearts break and they watch the dust settle over the glittering and distant mountains mounted by mad scientists over the heads of whom fly black birds who do not deliver mail and the dogs imagine the mailmen must have a delicious taste.

Daniel C. Boyer
New York
June 24, 2018

176. TJ HAVENS - U.S.A